Advanced Development




Operation and Construction




This information corresponds to the reported portfolio in the 2Q23 quarterly report

Project portfolio in Latin America bandera chile bandera mexico Bandera Guatemala Bandera Panamá Bandera Colombia

2,439 MWp
Development 1,307 54%
Advanced Development 736 30%
Backlog 345 14%
Operation and Construction 51 2%
Total 2,439 100%

Chile bandera chile

1,044 MWp
Project MWp Classification Estimado
El Sol de Vallenar 308 Baklog RTB 2023
Utility Portezuelo + Storage 200 Advanced Development RTB 2024
La Meseta* 160 In Operation COD 2023
CHILE I (PMGD) 9 Development RTB 2024
CHILE II (PMGD) 9 Development RTB 2024
Machalí(PMGD) 11 Baklog RTB 2023
Río Maule (PMGD) 11 Baklog RTB 2023
Montenegro (PMGD) 11 Advanced Development RTB 2024
El Guindal (PMGD) 11 Baklog RTB 2023
San Francisco (PMGD) 4 Backlog RTB 2023
San Javier (PMGD) 3 On Construction COD 2023
Walmart Piloto(ESCO) 0.21 En Operación En Operación
Other projects 419 Development RTB 2025

(*) The "La Meseta" project is a photovoltaic solar power generation park with a total capacity of 160 MWp. The project, owned by Sonnedix, is a Joint Venture in which Cox Energy S.A.B. de C.V. indirectly participates along with Sonnedix Chile Holding SpA through the company "Sonnedix Cox Energy Chile SpA." Cox Energy holds a 30.0% stake in the 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for the commercialization of energy to regulated customers.


480 MWp
Project MWp Classification
Iscali 300 Advanced Development RTB 2024
Altacomulco 113 Advanced Development RTB 2024
La Granja Solar 67 Advanced Development RTB 2024

Central America and the CaribbeanBandera GuatemalaBandera Panamá

320 MWp
Project MWp Classification
Santa Rosa Solar 50 Development RTB 2024
Guatemala I 50 Development RTB 2024
Panamá 20 Development RTB 2024
Other projects 200 Development RTB 2025

Colombia Bandera Colombia

595 MWp
Project MWp Classification
Dominica 100 Development RTB 2024
Lanzarote 80 Development RTB 2024
Pascua 60 Development RTB 2024
Egina 60 Development RTB 2024
Kos 20 Development RTB 2024
Jamaica 20 Development RTB 2024
Rodas 20 Advanced Development RTB 2024
Barbados 15 Advanced Development RTB 2024
Vanuata 10 Development RTB 2023
Tenerife 10 Advanced Development RTB 2023
Other projects 200 Development RTB 2025
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