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Cox Energy is an energy utility listed in Mexico (BIVA) and Spain (BME Growth). Cox Energy is vertically integrated and is dedicated to the development and promotion of energy and generation solutions in the main countries of the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with operations in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Central America, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa and the UAE. It has a unique portfolio of projects in different states of development and identified opportunities to conduct its business within a sustainable development framework. Cox Energy also operates throughout the value chain, with a presence in the business of self-consumption and/or distributed generation and energy trading.

Cox Energy is the energy division of Cox Group. Learn more about its corporate presentation here.

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To be an energy company that is committed to a more sustainable world, promoting the development of the use of sunlight as a renewable energy source.


To be a significant multinational company in the renewable energy sector, capable of creating value for investors, employees and stakeholders, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


The Group's Mission and Vision are affirmed in the commitment to Values based on the fundamental principles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Conventions of the International Labor Organization:

  • Legality;
  • Integrity and Ethics;
  • Respect for the person and human rights; and,
  • Environmental protection.

Reported Portfolio in LatAm as of 4Q-2023

This information corresponds to the reported project portfolio in the 4Q-2023 earnings report for more information, please refer to the report.

Active across the entire value chain

Value Chain
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