Cox Energy has a strong commitment to the environment. Its business model is centered around the generation of clean and renewable energy through innovative and sustainable practices. Cox’s goal is to achieve lasting improvements to the quality of life of the communities where it operates, by generating positive social, economic, and environmental impacts.

To accomplish this, Cox Energy draws from its strong corporate governance (following best practices), outlined in the Company's General Corporate Sustainability Policy, which the following Environmental, Social, and Governance strategies are based on:

Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy

Starting Point
  • Mission, Vision and Values
  • Corporate governance and compliance policies
  • General Corporate Sustainability Policy
Assessment Process
  • External and internal analysis
  • Determination of strategic areas and actions to boost Governance and Sustainability
  • Establishment of the ESG Roadmap
ESG Action Plan
  • Governance Structure
    • Sustainability Committee
    • Promotion of ESG Policies
  • ESG Objectives
    • ESG Risks and Mitigation Measures
    • Indicators
  • Comprehensive Annual Report


We are committed to preserving the environment through our steady improvement and the search for new technologies that reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable Communities

We aim to reduce the negative environmental impact of cities with the introduction of renewable energies in a safe and efficient manner.

Climate Change

We contribute to the adoption of next generation energy for the sake of the planet through 100% eco-friendly solutions.

Social Commitment

We are committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where we operate by creating environmentally-friendly jobs.

Reduced Inequality

We promote equity and non-discrimination, as well as equal opportunities within our team.


We are committed to economic development in our communities through the generation of productive employment and by providing a fair and equitable compensation for work of equal value.

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Comprised of 14 directors (8 independent; 14% of whom are women), highly experienced in the sector.

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Internal Regulations

Bylaws, regulations, and policies to ensure sound operating performance.

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Shareholders’ Meeting

The agenda and information related to the decisions coming from the Meeting are available to all shareholders.

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