Term Description
Clean Energy Certificate (CEL) Security issued by the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE for its Spanish acronym), which certifies that a determined amount of electricity production comes from renewable sources.
Coverage of Mexico Projects (NEXUS) Refers the contracts that the supplier enters into with the end consumer and which in turn are transferred to the generation plant at a market price to cover the volatility of the node's prices.
EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction.
ESCO Energy Service Companies. An ESCO is a company with the necessary resources to execute projects that implement energy efficiency measures using renewable energies.
Installed Capacity Maximum output level (nominal power in MW) that a photovoltaic solar generation plant can have by design based on its existing physical assets.
IPC Mexican Price and Quotation Index (Índice de Precios y Cotizaciones).
LIE Electric Industry Law of Mexico.
Nominal Megawatt (MWn) Nominal power refers to the power of the inverter (the electrical equipment that transforms the energy generated by the panels into suitable energy for consumption).
Megawatt Peak (MWp) Peak power refers to installed MW capacity.
PMGD Spanish acronym for Small Means of Generation Distributed in Chile (Pequeños Medios de Generación Distribuida). It is a power generation project with power surpluses of less than or equal to 9 MW, which is connected to a distribution concessionaire’s facilities. PMGD projects are entitled to receive remuneration on their generation at a stabilized regulated price.
PPA o PPAs Power Purchase Agreement (usually long-term).
Reported Portfolio Refers to the latest project information presented by the Company in the most recent earnings release. This information is a fair representation to ongoing projects and achieved results in the reporting period. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that the project status may vary due to changes in market conditions and the Company's strategy.
SPV The SPV is a company created solely to serve as an investment platform for photovoltaic projects. Typically, a different SPV is used for each photovoltaic project.
Stabilized Price An available remuneration scheme that guarantees stability in financial flows. By this means, the energy produced is remunerated at a set price, regardless of the time of production. It is calculated by the National Electricity Coordinator of Chile (CNE for its Spanish acronym) every 6 months. The scheme was established in 2006.
Updated Pipeline Refers to the latest information on the project portfolio, which may include changes to the information presented in the last earnings release and identified opportunities as of the current date. These changes are normal due to the dynamic nature of our projects and should not be interpreted as a pledge or commitment on behalf of the Company.
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